Studio Cosmogram is a London-based visual design studio run by French artist and designer, Coline L’Achiver. After graduating of Normandy’s ESAM Caen in Graphic Design and spending stints in the alternative German city of Dresden, Coline’s passion to study the roots of aesthetic histories lead her to Paris, where she embarked on a BA in Marché de l'Art et des Antiquités at Université Paris-Est. Immersing herself at historical intersections of Arts under the tutelage of leading Curators and Experts, developing literacy in the history of styles and techniques in fields such as typography, print, design, fabrics, furniture and crafts, this archival approach created an urge to forge new design realities in dialogue with the rich heritage that came before. Coline moved to London in 2013, where she collaborated with a plethora of inspiring professionals, from creative studios to small ethical businesses and cultural grassroots organisations. These projects informed an approach to design nurtured by how nature’s patterns and architectural thinking systems integrate into a holistic story.