Correspondance Astrale is an annual horoscope by contemporary visual artists. For the second edition, the predictions of our astrologer for 2023 have been submitted to as many artists as there are signs, as specifications for the work they will produce.

The recipient - having placed an order for 6 euros/pounds - receives through their letterbox the work for their sign, printed on the humble and nostalgic medium of the postcard. A work addressed to them. A work about them, if they want it to be. In trying to find themselves, they may find the work. Using it as a mirror, they may like the reflection.

They can either: get lost in it, hesitate between showing it and hiding it, collect it in a plastic sleeve and wait silently for the next one, give it to someone else, explain to this other why it why it might fit them better, never hear back from that person again, talk about it to their colleagues, describe it to their shrink, dream of it after having thrown it away 3 months earlier, want to see it again and never find it, use it as a bookmark, use it to open a lock - though a credit card works better.